Classics // R10 each

Sugar and Spice copy- resized
Sugar & SpiceSpicy cinnamon and sugar heaven.
Plain Jane copy- resized
Plain JaneOur signature donut with a simple powdered sugar coating.

Glazed // R13 each

English Toffee copy- resized
English ToffeeA traditional butterscotch flavoured glaze
Vanilla Bean Glazed copy
Vanilla Bean GlazedA posh version of your grandmother’s vanilla bean glaze.
Old Fashioned Chocolate copy- resized
Old Fashioned ChocolateA melt in the mouth good old fashioned chocolate glaze.

Gourmet // R15 each

Nutella copy- resized
NutellaThe Real McCoy silky hazelnut spread.
Cookie Monster copy- resized
Cookie MonsterA chocolate ganache dip with an Oreo crumble and white chocolate drizzle.
Salted Caramel copy- resized
Salted CaramelA decadent sweet and salty caramel ganache striped with white chocolate.
Snowball copy- resized
SnowballDipped in vanilla bean syrup, rolled in coconut and topped with shavings and fudgy white chocolate.
Café Latte copy
Café LatteA rich white chocolate espresso ganache with sprinkles of chocolate.
Strawberry Picnic copy- resized
Strawberry PicnicA sweet strawberry glaze with lashings of creamy chocolate.
Fudge Brownie copy- resized
Fudge BrownieA buttery chocolate fudge glaze with crunchy peanut nibs.
Peanut Butter Bomb copy
Peanut Butter BombA peanut butter glaze loaded with chocolate ganache and peanut sprinkles.
Turkish Delight copy
Turkish DelightA delicate pink rose water glaze finished with crushed pistachios.
Ebony and Ivory copy- resized
Ebony and IvoryA milky white chocolate glaze balanced with rich dark chocolate.
Creme Brule copy- resized
Creme BruleA smooth white chocolate ganache topped with burnt sugar.
Block PartyA blanket of feel good white chocolate fudge topped with rainbow sprinkles.

Filled // R18 each

Caramel Sutra copy
Caramel SutraA hidden caramel centre enrobed in dreamy chocolate.
P&J copy
P&JAn American style peanut butter glaze and raspberry jelly donut.
Chocolate Chubby copy
Chocolate ChubbyA much loved chocolaty favourite filled and oozing with real Bar-One.
Dulce De Leche copy- resized
Dulce De LecheA dulce de leche infused donut capped with white chocolate and caramel flakes.
The-Chocolate-Homer-copy- resized
The Chocolate HomerOur beloved vanilla bean custard donut smothered in a velvety chocolate ganache.
Marshmallow ManMilk chocolate ganache dip finished with sprinkles and swirl of sweet marshmallow creme.
Top Deck
Top DeckSinful chocolate filling with a white chocolate glaze.
Caramel Pecan PieWhite fudge, salted caramel, whipped cream and chopped pecans topped with a buttery toffee sauce create a recipe for unending bliss!
Sugar Dusted Filled

Sugar Dusted Filled // R16 each

The Homer copy
The HomerA tribute to Homer Simpson, jammed with our own lush homemade custard and dusted with icing sugar.
Berry Bella copy- resized
Berry BellaA gourmet berrylicious jam donut.
Gourmet Filled

Gourmet Filled // R25 each

English Tea copy
English TeaA royal treat, with clouds of whipped cream and luscious berry jam.

LoveBites // R5 each – R8 each

Glazed LoveBites - R5 each
Nutella Filled LoveBites - R8 each
Unicorn Poop - R8 eachHeavenly droppings coated in a sweet strawberry glaze and filled with a delicious vanilla cream filling.


Dear Customers, please note our donuts contain nuts, eggs, dairy, gluten, colourants and other allergens.

Although some do not contain all, they are produced in a kitchen where they may be exposed to all of the above.

Consumption is at your own risk.